New header

So I made this new header that I’m so happy about how it turned out.because I REALLY strated hating my old one haha. Now I finally took the time to make a new one 🙂


In love!!

Just bought this new shirt and I am so in love with it!! I’ve been wanting one for so long and now I finlly got it. It’s a typical basic bitch shirt that pretty much everyone have but I don’t care because it is pretty and I feel so confident in it 😀




School stuuff :)

It’s that time of the year again…. SCHOOL! I start school the 18th again. I’m actually kind of excited! Because it is the last year for me and all 🙂

Anyway I got som new BEAUTIFUL school supplies!! Honestly there’s nothing more exciting than getting new school supplies except maybe make up…. and clothes… and books.. 😉





Vegan Chorizo Sallad

I am now home again from the spa thing, it was very relaxing and now I’m feeling very spacey hahaha
After being done at the spa, me and my mom went to the grocery store and bought ALOT of veggies. We also bought this vegan cheeze called “Jeezly” by a company that produces alot of different vegan/vegetarian meat substitutes called “Astrid & Aporna”. It actually tastes alot like normal, none – vegan cheeze which positivly surprised me 🙂

Sugar snaps, arugula, vegan chorizo, tomatoes, bell peppers, sprouts and leaf sallad 🙂



IMG_7769Vegan, Jeezly cheeze.