Cruising and Johnny Cash guitar?

I just came home after being away all day on a car cruising. It was really fun but there was ALOT of cars, I didn’t mind it at all after all it was a cruising. As always they had a market and they sold alot of stuff like T-Shirts and collectible toy cars, they even had pink cowboy hats that lights up. Yeah it was crazy, alot of weird and drunk people but then on the other side we also met some really nice people.

On the market I bought a minature Johnny Cash guitar with his autograph on it, it’s obviously fake but I thought it would be nice to have it standing on a shelf in my room beside my Johnny Cash vinyls and CDs.

Today was a really fun and awesome day but now I’m really exhausted and tired. Now I’m gonna watch one episode of Family Guy then go to sleep. or maybe two… or three maybe… Okay I’m not gonna get much sleep tonight…

Hope you had a great day loveliiess 🙂




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