Blue Chocolate/Sponge-Cake Cupcakes

Today as usual I pretty much haven’t done anything with my life (again..) because it’s summer and I live a really boring life. Even if it wasn’t summer and summer break and all I still think I would do nothing but go to school and sleep :p Okay enough about that now to THE CUPCAKE PART!

So yeah I made cupcakes. They acutally taste better then I thought they would, I’m not really a cupcake-lover but I do enjoy making them. The frosting isn’t really the best either becase I didn’t have the right tools and all. But it looks kind of okay I suppose 🙂 Anyway the making of them was awesome but now my back hurts from all the cake decorating xD It took me about 2 hours to decorate them because I made ALOT of cupcakes!

All of the cupcakes are two-layers, one layer is chocolate flavoured and the other one is sponge-cake. I made the chocolate part with some chocolate chips which made it taste better. 🙂

Hope you had a great dayyy 🙂

IIMG_5747iiPicMonkey Collage


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