Today me and my best friend (Anja) went out to a small cafee where I live. It was fun, it was really fun. I ate a strawberry cheesecake and Anja ate a kind of apple pie thing, it wasn’t really apple pie but it was supposed to taste like it. I guess you could say it was like a twist on an apple pie panna cotta.

Then after that we walked around in my town and didn’t really do anything besides walking, it was REAALLYY hot outside so we decided to go and buy ice-cream and ice coffee. The ice-cream was great because as I said it was really hot so in the end we were both exhausted from the heat. So yeah we sat outside the store for a while then we went hooome. 🙂

Tomorrow we are going to a city called Borlänge which is around an hour away. We aren’t doing anything special there, we thought it would be fun to go somewhere completely random :))

Good niiiiiiight loveliies 🙂




Click here to go to Anjas blog —–>


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