Caaaaaaaaan’t sleeeeep…

Ofcourse the night before school I can’t fall asleep… WHYYYY?? I went to bed early and everything, ugh insomnia is literally the worst :// I’m tired but I still can’t fall asleep, I know that I have to sleep but I just can’t. Some people think that it is my choice not sleep, but really why in world would I stay up late willingly everyday for the past 5 years? It’s so hard. And I really don’t want to take any medication to fall asleep because I’m afraid that I am gonna be addicted or I will take to much and never wake up again…

This is what I did this evening: Ate some food, then showered, used my computer a little and then I went to bed. And now I’ve been laying here for almost two hours trying to fall asleep… I even made some hot chocolate to make me fall asleep, I hope it will help ♥

But oh well I’m gonna keep on struggling with falling asleep and maybe I will finally get some sleep… Atleast a couple hours…

PicMonkey CollagemjmIMG_6569mkm


3 thoughts on “Caaaaaaaaan’t sleeeeep…

  1. I hope you can get some sleep. I know, all too well, it’s not something we choose. Most people would just finally fall asleep after so many nights, but me, not so much. I’ve tried everything and I still do not sleep. I don’t not only sleep at night, I don’t sleep during the day, either. I hope you get to sleep. Sweet dreams…………………………………xx 🙂

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  2. You’re so very welcome. Thank you for your sweet reply. I hope you have gotten some sleep. It’s just so draining…………………………..sweet dreams, girl. Hang in there. We got this! xx 🙂


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