Sushi – Timee

Heyoo people!

Today I’ve been working all day. And yes btw I have a job, I work at a grocery store in my town and I love it! 🙂 But the sad thing is that it was my last day for this summer ( I only work in the summer ). Which is kinda depressing, I love it there and you get to meet so many different people.. Oh well I gotta go to school to I guess 🙂

When I came home at 5 pm, me, my mom and her boyfriend went to this new sushi place that open here where I live. And guess what!! They have meat/fish free sushi so obviously I ate that 🙂 I was actually quite surprised that they hade vegetarian sushi in that resaurant so yeah wihoo lucky mee!!

2 avocado, 4 rolls, 2 omeletts and 2 tofu



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