Vegan Spagetto Food Recipe

A while ago I made THIS post about one of my favourite recipes and I thought that maybe I should post therecipe that is surprisingly very easy.

There aren’t really any special measurments I usually just go with it and hope for the best 😉

What you’ll need:

– Soy mince
– Soy/oat cream ( or you could use soy milk but I find that it’s tastes better with soy cream                                                    because it’s creamier )
– Spinach
– Spagetti
– Salt and pepper


That’s it! That’s all the ingrerdients you’ll need.

Now to the making of the food:

Start of with frying the soy mince in a frying pan. Add spinach, salt and pepper and let it sit for a while.

While the soy mince is frying you can cook the spagetti.

Then you just add the soy cream to the mince and you’re done 🙂

Serve on a plate and ENJOY!

Good Luck



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