New header!! (again?)

Are you even surprised that I changed my header and the design again? 😉 oh well. I’ve been in a pretty confused state for a while and I didn’t really know what I wanted… BUT now I’m pretty happy over how my blog looks 😀



New Header!!

I am obsessed with making headers! I really enjoy doing them!! So guess what, as the title said I made a new header WOHOOO (:






New Header!!

As I said in my latest blogpost I really badly wanted a new header so here it is! I like it so much better than my last one, the last one was so weird an just plain ugly xD So yeah here is my new one 🙂

Btw later I will post the making of the header 🙂cropped-fhed1.png

Making the new header

So atm I’m making the new header because I didn’t really like the old one or yeah I thought it was okay. It was a little weird and my face was really weird… okay everything was weird about it hehe… And yeah why let it bother me if I can make a completely new one that I actually like and looks somehow good 🙂

Here’s a sneakpeak 🙂


New Theme, New Header?

I changed my theme and the design on this blog as you can see, because I felt like this one fits me better. I really love the style of this one. I’m in LOOVE with these kinds of websites, they are so beautiful haha. And the galaxy chevron thing that is going on in the background, I think it looks great together. But because this is a completely diffrent design I had to change the header to make it fit and look good. And I also changed it a little. I thought it looked dull and boring, so I made the background a little different. I wanted the colours to “pop” a little more, I wanted it to be more colourful and I wanted something makes you happy when you look at it because the colours are so bright and just awesome 😀




About Mee + My Headeerr

Hi lovelies!

Like you probably already saw, this is a new blog (: Here are you most likely to see and read stuff about my life, fashion, music, fandoms, cute animals, food and much more.

Okay anyways here’s some information about me. I love music, especially Johnny Cash and Sum 41. They are literally my favess, in fact I’m listening to Sum 41 while I’m writing this (Walking Disaster love it so much). I am actually half swedish and half polish but I live in Sweden and I lived here for my entire life (:

I LOOVE books, my favourite book and movie is Harry Potter. I am literally obsessed, I have a shelf in my room where I only have Harry Potter and Doctor Who things. And also Doctor Who is one of my favourite tv shows (Supernatural is great too).

It took 4 hours for my to make my header today and I really think that Photoshop hates me. It was turning off all the time. The first try I did with making the header I was cutting out the pictures and suddenly it just disappeared, exactly the same thing happened the second time. My third attempt went great… my. computer. shuts. off. completely. At that point I was this —>   <—  close loosing my shit. Haha jk but I was really starting to get mad about that nothing was working out for me (: Then after that I decided to change editing program and it worked out great this time 😀 I literally sat there for a couple of hours and talking to my computer and begging it to not shut off.

Oh well that’s the story behind my header 🙂

Have a nice day loveliess ~


/ Annika