Glass Bottle Coke

Just came home from meeting with a friend. We walked around in town then we went to a coffeshop and ate ice – cream! It is so warm outside today but the ice – cream cooled us down 🙂

Now I’m on my way to a spathing so yeah heheheh

Btw am I only one that thinks that coke tastes better in a glass bottle? :p





Sushi – Timee

Heyoo people!

Today I’ve been working all day. And yes btw I have a job, I work at a grocery store in my town and I love it! 🙂 But the sad thing is that it was my last day for this summer ( I only work in the summer ). Which is kinda depressing, I love it there and you get to meet so many different people.. Oh well I gotta go to school to I guess 🙂

When I came home at 5 pm, me, my mom and her boyfriend went to this new sushi place that open here where I live. And guess what!! They have meat/fish free sushi so obviously I ate that 🙂 I was actually quite surprised that they hade vegetarian sushi in that resaurant so yeah wihoo lucky mee!!

2 avocado, 4 rolls, 2 omeletts and 2 tofu


Vegan Spagetto Food Recipe

A while ago I made THIS post about one of my favourite recipes and I thought that maybe I should post therecipe that is surprisingly very easy.

There aren’t really any special measurments I usually just go with it and hope for the best 😉

What you’ll need:

– Soy mince
– Soy/oat cream ( or you could use soy milk but I find that it’s tastes better with soy cream                                                    because it’s creamier )
– Spinach
– Spagetti
– Salt and pepper


That’s it! That’s all the ingrerdients you’ll need.

Now to the making of the food:

Start of with frying the soy mince in a frying pan. Add spinach, salt and pepper and let it sit for a while.

While the soy mince is frying you can cook the spagetti.

Then you just add the soy cream to the mince and you’re done 🙂

Serve on a plate and ENJOY!

Good Luck


Military Green Obsessioon

Helloo helloo people! 🙂

Recently I’ve been REALLY obsessed with military green. I just want to buy everything in green, change my entire wardrobe and paint my walls to military green.. Yeeahh.. I may or may not like green alot! So I collected a couple of my favourite pieces into a “collage” kind of thing 🙂 

( You can find everything at H&M )


Vegetarian spagettofood

okay yes I know I am very bad with updating my blog but I’m here again :)) Because I’ve been away for so long you probably don’t know that I have gone vegetarian. And let me tell it’s the best decision I have ever done! I feel so much better, much more awake and I have more energy than ever 🙂